Hello New fellow Brigade member! I am former Army Sergeant Vincenzo “Vinny” Mogavero originally from Rochester, New York and a former Military Police Officer/Master Fitness Trainer for eight years in the Armed Forces. He has over 10 plus years of experience in the Health and wellness field. Vinny is currently certified with the National Federation of Personal Training and National Academy of Sports Medicine. Vinny is a highly motivated, energetic trainer with expertise in boot camp classes, resistance and free weight training, sports-specific training & post-rehab conditioning, TRX, Kettle-bell, Hyperwear training tools. He is also a seasoned obstacle course racer with Spartan Race and Tough Mudder. He was seen on the NBC hit TV show Spartan Ultimate Team Challenge Season 1. My Purpose and Passion is to help, Inspire, Guide and led you to a better path in any and all ways possible.  Lets do this together and never look back wishing you would of started yesterday! Make today count. 


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