Review by: Alexia

I have been working out for years.  Doing the same thing over and over and getting average results.  I was running or walking on the treadmill  5 x a week.   I was also very tired all the time.  I am over 40 so I thought it was my age and just lack of good sleep.  I consulted my doctor who put me on a bunch of supplements and did bloodwork.  He also recommended I consult a personal trainer.  He recommended calling Vinny Mogavero.   I decided in Dec 2017 to make a change in how I was working out and try to not feel so exhausted all the time. 

I contacted Vinny and I began working out differently.  We talked about what to eat and when to eat as well.   I explained all of my goals as well as all of my previous setbacks.   I laid it all on the line.  I wanted to feel better and look more fit and toned.   I started seeing Vinny once a week. I enjoyed it so much and felt so good that I increased it to 3x a week and tried to attend classes when I could. 

I cannot say enough about Vinny.  He has helped me immensely with how I look at working out and how I do work out.  He has provided me with support as well as educated me throughout my time with him.  I feel better and I believe I look better.  I am stronger and more fit.  I am more dedicated to my health because he has helped me stick to a program.  And made it a lot of fun along the way. 

I have had a lot of little accomplishments that have helped me stay on course and keep me coming back for more.   It is certainly not easy to get up really early and work out hard.  A lot of mornings I walk in already tired because I didn’t sleep well.  One of  my goals is to live  to be 100 years old  and have a  healthy, happy stronger life.  I want to be an example for my children.  I want my daughters to have healthy eating habits, good self esteem and confidence and make exercise a part of their daily life.  I feel that Vinny has made a complete difference in my life and how I work out.   He has made me believe in myself more and feel more confident.  I would highly recommend Vinny and checking out Brigade Street Fitness.  It’s a great work out and you will feel amazing!!


Review by: TONY

Vinny has helped me transform my life. He’s helped me get on the right path – a consistent one – to get me to meet my fitness and nutritional goals. He has tons of energy and is laser focused on helping you succeed. I’d recommend my closest family members to work with Vinny and follow his recommendation. You won’t be disappointed!